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Introduction IntrepidFood.eu

Over the past ten years, meal subscription delivery services have seen an enormous surge in popularity. What was once a specialized market with only a few competitors has grown into a congested one where new brands are always joining the fray. The majority of meal delivery services center their services around comparable popular preferences and way of life. One welcome exception that serves adventure and outdoor enthusiasts exclusively is IntrepidFood.eu.

As hikers, trekkers, travelers, and other adventurers are well aware, it can be difficult to find wholesome, well-balanced meals that fit into a demanding, on-the-go lifestyle. With its weekly delivery service of specially prepared meals meant to be consumed outside without the need for heating or refrigeration, IntrepidFood.eu seeks to meet this requirement.

What precisely is offered by this daring food delivery service, then? For whom is it most appropriate? And why should you pick it instead of competing products on the market? This thorough explanation of what IntrepidFood.eu is. All of those questions and more will be addressed in Everything You Need To Know. We’ll give a thorough examination of:

What is IntrepidFood.eu?

In 2022, IntrepidFood.eu, a meal delivery subscription service based in Berlin, was established with the express purpose of serving tourists, outdoor enthusiasts, backpackers, hikers, and mountain climbers.

Chef Clara Ostberg and enthusiastic outdoorsman Marco Jäger, who met while trekking in Nepal, are the creators of the brand. They found common ground in their dissatisfaction with the tasteless, boring nutrition bars and dried noodles usually seen during outdoor excursions. Together, they envisioned a meal delivery business that would take the worry out of eating so that people could go on excursions off the main road.


“We started IntrepidFood.eu to make the lives of adventure seekers simpler. Our ready-to-eat meals free you from meal planning and let you find joy in exploration, knowing you have perfectly balanced nutrition handy for wherever your travels lead.” – Marco Jäger & Clara Ostberg, Founders

Adventurers may receive weekly deliveries of chef-crafted meals that are tailored for outdoor activities with IntrepidFood.eu. Meals are prepared in environmentally friendly pouches that don’t need to be heated or refrigerated. The cuisine draws its inspiration from mountain cultures worldwide, producing tasty and filling dishes that you can eat anywhere, from camps in the Himalayas to the trails of the Andes.

Flexible subscription plans with the ability to pause, modify, or cancel at any moment are available to customers. Also, the brand offers the best satisfaction guarantee in the business. They will therefore promptly credit your account if you ever receive a meal that you don’t like.

Now let’s look at some key factors that set IntrepidFood.eu apart in the meal delivery space.

Why IntrepidFood.eu Is Unique?

Even though there are many different meal delivery services available nowadays, the majority serve regular home dining and workplace lunch requirements. In terms of developing ready-to-eat meals designed especially for outdoor environments and trailblazers, IntrepidFood.eu is leading the way.

Here are some unique aspects that set them apart:

Catered To Outdoor Enthusiasts

Adventure travelers are taken into consideration when designing the meal’s components, recipes, nutrition profiles, and packaging.

Ingredients are selected with shelf life in mind in addition to taste. They stay away from fruit that rots easily.
Recipes are designed to be tasty and filling without the need for refrigeration or reheating.
The ideal ratio of carbohydrates, proteins, and lipids is used in nutrition to support physically demanding outdoor activities.
To reduce waste, packaging is made of lightweight, reusable pouches as opposed to plastic containers.

Global Cuisine Inspiration

IntrepidFood takes its gastronomic cues from the continent-spanning pioneering alpine cultures. Thus, be prepared for hearty, filling meals that offer a flavor of everywhere. Several examples of places they get inspiration from are:

Andes and the Himalayas
The Kilimanjaro Alps
The Rocky Mountains
Atlas Mountains

No Need for Heating or Refrigeration
Every meal may be safely consumed right out of the container without needing to be heated up or refrigerated, thanks to the skilled chefs at IntrepidFood.

So wherever your adventures take you, you can eat delicious food! Whether you’re hiking through a scorching desert or conquering freezing heights!

Sustainable Ingredient Sources
Responsible sourcing is a top concern for the IntrepidFood team. Every component they utilize comes from local suppliers who, if feasible, practice ethical farming. Additionally, they are aiming to use reusable and recyclable materials to cut down on packaging waste.

Let’s now examine the various food delivery options that are offered.

The Meal Plans and Packages at IntrepidFood.eu
IntrepidFood provides consumers with customizable subscription options to suit their unique needs and tastes, hence offering flexibility.

Their subscriptions are priced and structured keeping the meal quantities needed for typical 1-5 day outdoor trips.

Here is an overview of the different plans:

Plan # Meals/Week Price/Week Sample Meals
Expedition 5 meals $59 Sherpa Stew, Andean Red Quinoa Bowl, Himalayan Lentils
Trailblazer 10 meals $99 Moroccan Chickpea Tagine, Incan Purple Potato Salad, Tibetan Momo Dumplings
Pathfinder 15 meals $129 Lebanese Mountain Wrap, Quechua Quinoa Soup, Swiss Bircher Muesli
Custom Flex Customized Varies Choose your own meals or quantities



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