Best 6 Bulk SMS Service Providers in India You Can Use to Send SMS


In the rapidly evolving digital marketing landscape, bulk SMS services have become a crucial tool for businesses aiming to reach a wide audience directly and efficiently. This post explores India’s top six bulk SMS service providers, offering detailed insights to help you choose the right service for your communication needs.

Criteria for Selection

The selection of the top bulk SMS providers was based on several key criteria:

  • Cost-effectiveness: Assessing the value offered relative to the price.
  • Delivery Speed and Reliability: Importance of timely message delivery without loss.
  • Features and Customization Options: Availability of advanced features like API integration, personalized messages, and automation.
  • Customer Support: Quality of support for resolving issues and helping users maximize the service.
  • User Interface and Ease of Use: How intuitive and user-friendly the service platform is.

Top 6 Bulk SMS Service Providers in India

Provider 1: Infosky Solutions

  • Key Features: Offers an intuitive web platform and API access, supports multimedia messages, and provides detailed analytics.
  • Pricing Plans: Flexible packages based on the volume of SMS; offers pay-as-you-go and monthly bundles.
  • Customer Reviews: Highly rated for user-friendly interface and excellent customer service.

Provider 2: SMSIndiaHub

  • Key Features: Features include two-way messaging, OTP SMS services, and bulk SMS scheduling.
  • Pricing Plans: Competitive pricing with bulk purchase discounts.
  • Customer Reviews: Praised for reliable delivery and robust API support.

Provider 3: BhashSMS

  • Key Features: Straightforward bulk SMS solutions with support for regional languages.
  • Pricing Plans: Cost-effective solutions aimed at small to medium-sized enterprises.
  • Customer Reviews: Noted for ease of use and economical pricing.

Provider 4: Exotel

  • Key Features: Well-known for its robust API, Exotel also offers voice SMS and virtual number services.
  • Pricing Plans: Premium pricing for higher quality services and features.
  • Customer Reviews: Recognized for excellent uptime and customer support.

Provider 5: MySMSMantra

  • Key Features: Comprehensive bulk SMS services with features like campaign management tools and DND filter.
  • Pricing Plans: Affordable plans suitable for large-scale campaigns.
  • Customer Reviews: Customers appreciate the platform’s comprehensive features and effectiveness.

Provider 6: Spring Edge

  • Key Features: Offers a range of messaging solutions including transactional, promotional, and voice SMS.
  • Pricing Plans: Flexible pricing with a focus on scalability for growing businesses.
  • Customer Reviews: Known for fast setup and integration capabilities.

Comparison Table

The table below summarizes the key aspects of each provider:

Provider Cost per SMS Delivery Rates API Integration Support for Multimedia Customer Support Rating
TextLocal Competitive High Yes Yes Excellent
SMSIndiaHub Low Very High Yes No Good
BhashSMS Very Low Moderate Limited No Average
Exotel High Very High Yes Yes Excellent
MySMSMantra Moderate High Yes Yes Very Good
Spring Edge Moderate High Yes Yes Good


What is Bulk SMS API

A Bulk SMS API (Application Programming Interface) is a set of programming instructions and standards that allows developers to integrate SMS sending capabilities directly into their software or application. Essentially, it acts as a bridge between the software and the SMS service provider, enabling the automated sending of large volumes of text messages to multiple recipients at once without the need to manually enter or send the messages through an SMS platform.

Key Features of Bulk SMS APIs:

  • Automation: Automates the process of sending text messages to large groups, which is particularly useful for notifications, alerts, marketing campaigns, and reminders.
  • Scalability: Handles a large number of SMS messages, allowing businesses to scale their communication efforts as needed.
  • Customization: Offers the ability to personalize messages with dynamic content for each recipient, enhancing the relevance and effectiveness of the communications.
  • Integration: Easily integrates with existing systems, such as CRM software, customer support tools, or marketing automation platforms, facilitating seamless communication workflows.
  • Real-time Analytics: Provides capabilities to track and analyze the success of SMS campaigns with data on delivery rates, read rates, and more, helping businesses measure effectiveness and ROI.

Common Uses of Bulk SMS APIs:

  • Marketing Campaigns: Sending promotional offers, discounts, and product updates to a broad customer base.
  • Alerts and Notifications: Dispatching urgent updates, such as weather alerts, system outages, or transaction confirmations.
  • Appointment Reminders: Automatically reminding clients or patients about upcoming appointments or bookings.
  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA): Enhancing security by sending a code via SMS that users need to enter to access services.

Overall, a Bulk SMS API provider offers a powerful tool for businesses to enhance and automate their communication strategies, making it easier to reach out to customers with timely and relevant information directly through their mobile phones.

How to Choose the Right Provider

When choosing a bulk SMS provider, consider the following factors:

  • Budget: Determine how much you are willing to spend on SMS services.
  • Volume of SMS: Estimate the volume of messages you plan to send.
  • Target Audience: Consider the geographic and demographic characteristics of your audience.
  • Specific Features: Identify specific features like language support, API needs, or integration capabilities that are critical for your operations.


The above guide provides a detailed overview of the top six bulk SMS service providers in India. By understanding your specific needs and evaluating each provider’s offerings against the criteria outlined, you can select a service that best fits your business requirements. Choose wisely to ensure effective communication and enhanced engagement with your audience.


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