Overcoming Challenges in Bulk SMS Marketing: Tips and Strategies


A business can transform itself with right way of marketing. Modern digital businesses are taking up different marketing channels other than traditional ones. Bulk SMS is one of the suitable and most preferred marketing form for online businesses. It has a lot of scopes and make use of every second quite significantly.  The best bulk SMS provider would aid in the required service for your business.

But this blog is not to discuss about scopes of bulk SMS. It is all about the challenges faced by the consumers. Also, we have shared some tips and tricks to overcome these hurdles easily.

The rising popularity of Bulk SMS

Leveraging the power of bulk SMS can elevate the potential of your business. With the increased usage of the smart phones, SMS is the inexpensive way of reaching out to audience. On other hand, it has a higher rate of conversions too.

Personalization of SMS is taking the concept of bulk SMS a step ahead. It has brought a revolutionary change. More and more digital businesses are personalizing the messages and reaching out to consumers.

But every opportunity has their own limitations. So are the bulk SMS. But that does not mean you cannot handle it. Know the challenges and work on it to overcome them.

Read this blog to find out the challenges and how to overcome them.

Challenges faced by the Bulk SMS

Regulatory compliance

This is the challenge which is faced when consumers don’t want to receive the SMS. Maybe it is nothing related to the consumer or maybe they are not interested.

While taking up bulk SMS facility, you need to go for opt-in consent. It is said that the consumers must agree to receive the SMS. Also, there is opt-out options too. Anyone if feels disturbed can easily unsubscribe from the list.

Also, there is some restrictions in content type too.

How to overcome:

Consult with the best bulk SMS service provider. Most of them are compliant to such acts. Also, monitoring and updating the strategies that you have taken is important too.

Personalization of message

Though it is the most hypes trend in Bulk SMS, yet it has lot of effort to invest. The business needs to segregate the consumers into different categories. Collection of data and managing them is quite a time-consuming effort.

Also crafting with the right personalization style is important to attract the view. In that case you can add the names or any updated related to their last purchase or offers on items that they showed interest in.

How to overcome:

The application of AI and robotics software can be helpful. Install any tool that would segregate the information as required. Surely it would save both time and effort.

Timing and Frequency

It is really a challenging point for businesses sending bulk SMS. Receiving updated can be good but that can sometime go beyond the annoyance line.

Hence it is very important to consult with the best bulk SMS provider. Research about the suitable time that shows higher open rate.

Also, the frequency of sending SMS to consumers about a single brand matters a lot. Very few or excessively high- both are brand damaging.

How to overcome:

Informa your customers about the need bulk SMS that they would receive. Moreover, always remember to include the necessary part only in the message. Overcoming the previous challenge would automatically divide the customers as per their interests.

Frequency is important. Based on your business needs, fix up a pattern for bulk SMS> you can have a consultation with the best bulk SMS provider for right suggestion.

Limited content

The maximum character allowed in the message of bulk SMS Is 160 characters. That is very short. You have to convey your concept clearly within this limit.

Most of the business need to work on the content which would include the deals or updated, call top actions, URLs and other necessary items.

That is really a hard challenge to accept!

How to overcome:

Use compelling language. Must add the call to action.  Make use of emojis and images to enhance the message’s engagement. Also, short links can be added. Make the URLs shortened by the URL shortener. Make different versions of your messages and optimize them. Don’t forget to monitor which works the best.

Technical issues

This part involves the other miscellaneous issues like the delivery fails, network congestion or spam blocking. They can be quite irritating and would not fulfill the main objective of the bulk SMS service.

How to overcome:

To overcome this challenge, you have to choose a reliable and best bulk SMS service provider. Choosing anyone can give rise to such issue. If you existing bulk SMS API is facing such issues, immediately change the service provider.

InfoSky Solutions is one of the best bulk SMS service providers in India. The company provide the transactional, promotional, OTT, voice messages facilities. The expert team guarantee their SMS delivery with the multi-channel SMS gateway. The SMPP server helps the message to deliver directly to the customer. Also get the instant SMS delivery report too.

Trends in Bulk SMS

The next trend in bulk SMS is the integration of AI. This scope would open up new ways of attending customers and satisfying their needs. It would also open up a comfortable platform for sharing form both ends. Hence it would convert more recipients into customers, thus bringing more businesses.

The AI-based bulk SMS would also nullify the challenges of the bulk SMS too.


Bulk SMS has evolved to be the most successful marketing channel. Under estimating it would be a great loss for your business. Understand each of the problems and focus on how to overcome them. A reliable bulk SMS service provider would also be participating in providing the highest experience. Now it’s your turn to get the results. The main objective is to get back the sales and attain the highest ROI.

Hope this blog has helped you overcome many challenges.


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