how do feelings and emotions affect the learners learning


Feelings and emotions can significantly affect a learner’s ability to learn and perform well in school. The following are some ways that emotions and moods may influence how we learn:

Emotions might affect a learner’s ability to pay attention and concentrate. It can be challenging for a learner to focus on their studies while they are experiencing negative emotions like anxiety, tension, and impatience. On the other side, feeling interested, excited, and enthusiastic can help a learner become more attentive and focused, which makes it simpler for them to engage with the content.

Emotions can affect the formation and retention of memories. Events that are emotionally charged are more likely to stick in people’s memories than neutral ones, which can be both good and bad. While negative emotions can hinder it, positive emotions can improve memory consolidation.

Emotions can have an effect on a learner’s drive to study. While unfavourable feelings like boredom and indifference can demotivate students and lower their engagement, positive emotions like curiosity and interest can encourage them to explore new ideas and concepts.

Self-Regulation: A learner’s capacity to control their emotions and behaviour might be impacted by their emotions. It can be challenging for students to control their behaviour and make wise decisions when they are experiencing negative emotions like irritation and rage. Positive feelings like self-efficacy and confidence can assist students in better controlling their behaviour and emotions.

Emotions might affect a learner’s ability to interact socially with peers and teachers. While negative emotions can result in conflict and poor collaboration, pleasant emotions can promote positive social relationships communication.

In conclusion, a learner’s capacity to learn and achieve academic success can be significantly influenced by sentiments and emotions. Therefore, it is crucial for teachers to establish a welcoming and inclusive learning environment that values emotional well-being and gives students the instruments and techniques they need to properly control their emotions.


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