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Here’s a French curiosity that, although making no sense whatsoever in real life or on paper, has managed to warm the cockles of any frigid heart. The Peugeot 508 SW PSE, also known as Peugeot Sport Engineered, is a hybrid performance estate that doesn’t focus much on sheer speed or provide the same level of driver engagement as more traditional sports waggons do. The true scandal? It comes close to £56,000.

The 508 PSE hasn’t been a huge hit, which may come as a surprise. Not at least not in Britain. According to HowManyLeft, 101 vehicles were registered in the UK as at the end of 2022. That figure may have increased. climbed a little in the following five months, but most likely not enough to make the PSE a huge success after about two and a half years of sales. That’s most likely because of the pricing, but it could also be because people are unclear about what the PSE actually is. Take the chance to actually spend some time with one, though, and you’ll discover that the mysterious mansion is a really enjoyable performance vehicle.

I admit that I tried it a few years ago and the 508 PSE didn’t click with me right away. I had anticipated for more of a “shove” from the two electric motors under acceleration, even though a combined 360hp from a 1.6-litre turbo four-cylinder with hybrid assistance isn’t Earth-shattering even on paper. When left to its own devices, the eight-speed automatic gearbox was adequate, but the paddles on the rear of the steering wheel were more of a nuisance than an appealing way to change gear on your own.

The result of a brief drive outside a dealership is a capable, though slightly sluggish sports estate. However, if you give the PSE a set of bends, a very capable chassis will emerge. The steering lacks feel, nevertheless The PSE reacts to steering inputs quickly. With adaptive dampers, you can roll around in a suitably French manner in comfort mode, but switching to sport drastically sharpens the ride without sacrificing rolling delicacy. This estate automobile weighs 1,875 kg, however the corners are entirely flat. There’s no denying Peugeot Sport did a lot of marvels with the 508, even while Michelin Pilot Sport 4S rubber handles its fair share of the grunt work.

It looks professional, too. Some could argue that the skirt flicks are a little tacky and that the stickers appear like they’ll come off after a good wash, but isn’t that part of the fun of the French? Aside from that, don’t French performance cars always look better as the stickers start to fade and peel? Even if the lime green on grey colour scheme isn’t nearly as memorable as the Peugeot Talbot Sport hues, it nonetheless effectively connects PSE’s racing successes with the outrageous 9X8 hypercar to its road offers.

You reply, “Great,” but it’s still pricey. Well, not really. After barely 4,000 miles of electrified exuberance and a year after it rolled off the forecourt, this 508 SW PSE is currently on the market for £43,557. That’sis a huge discount. Remember that it will be really inexpensive to tax and that it is a PHEV, which means that its battery can provide up to 26 miles of range, which might make it very inexpensive to operate. The PSE was probably a difficult sell when it was brand-new, but it’s on its way to becoming a lot more alluring used car.


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