Run The World – Basics Every Girl Should Know About Car Maintenance


It is often misconstrued that women do not know anything about cars. Gender roles have become so prevalent in our society that even hobbies are gendered now. Being interested in cars is mainly considered a manly or boyish hobby.

These stereotypes are being challenged as more and more women show interest in automobiles. They are not just interested but also passionate and knowledgeable.

You do not have to be a car expert to be interested in cars. Basic knowledge about anything is good to have on your hands. Especially if you own a car, it is important to know some basic maintenance tips for it.


An engine is the heart of a car. It is a mechanical device that produces heat energy via combustion and transfers it into kinetic energy. Combustion occurs inside the engine by igniting a mixture of air and fuel using a spark and then compressing it.

There are different types of engines. Rotary engine and a piston engine. The most commonly used engine is a piston engine in which pistons move up and down using a shaft. A rotary engine has a rotor that spins on a shaft.

Engine Maintenance

The most important and neglected maintenance is that of the engine. You must take care of a few small things to keep your car maintained. The first thing to check is your engine oil. It can often become contaminated with dust, grime, and chemicals from the engine and surroundings.

Like the engine oil, your car’s air filters can become dirty and clogged with dust and debris. A clean filter improves your engine’s efficiency and acceleration. 


You have probably heard of an important part of the drivetrain in a car called transmission. What exactly is it? A transmission or gearbox is the power-source between the engine and the wheels that transmits energy between the two. You can get it from a transmission shop.

It’s a mechanical device that helps the engine transfer its power to the wheels of the car via axles and a driveshaft. It is like a box packed with different gears connected to each other. The transmission gears help the car increase its speed by shifting between different sets of gears according to the speed of the wheels and the engine speed. 

The transmission is filled with a certain type of oil which constantly circulates throughout it. The oil lubricates and keeps the temperature under control and prevents serious harm to its components.

Transmission Maintenance

If your car’s transmission becomes faulty then you must take it to a transmission repair specialist. However, it can be maintained at home. It must be serviced on time. A service includes an oil change, changing oil pan seal, cleaning the oil pan, changing the drain plug/bolt and computer plugged to check any fault codes or to clear fault codes. Try to be gentle with the clutch as it tends to wear out quickly.


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