rodeo goat


rodeo goat

Popular burger restaurant Rodeo Goat was founded in 2011 in Dallas, Texas. Rodeo Goat has swiftly established itself as a favourite hangout for both residents and visitors because of their creative burgers and laid-back, energetic atmosphere.

Rodeo Goat’s distinctive approach to burger toppings is one of the things that sets them different from other burger joints. From the traditional cheese and bacon to more unusual selections like fried pickles, peanut butter, and jalapeno jam, they provide a wide variety of imaginative possibilities.

Rodeo Goat serves a variety of sides along with their burgers, including sweet potato fries, onion rings, and queso. They also provide a variety of salads and sandwiches for those who prefer something a little lighter.

Rodeo Goat is a must-visit location for more reasons than simply the food, though. With lots of outside seating, activities like giant Jenga and corn hole, and a changing menu of regional specialty beers on tap, the ambiance is lively and enjoyable.

The original Dallas site of Rodeo Goat is still the most well-liked, despite the restaurant’s expansion to a few other cities in Texas and Oklahoma. And it’s simple to understand why Rodeo Goat has become a popular location for burger aficionados given its dedication to using high-quality ingredients and creative flavour combinations.

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